Fast, Reliable, Customizable Website Thumbnail Screenshot Generator Service!

Need to include a thumbnail of a webpage within the content of your blog or website? We can help! Our web shrinking robot will surf to the site you want to capture, generate a thumbnail or screenshot, and return an image for you in the size requested. We can even add special effects to each thumbnail you request.

  • Public Sites

    Public Sites

    Web Shrinker works with any web page that doesn't require a username or password to view.

  • Full Page Renders

    Full Page Screenshots

    Some web pages have a lot of content that just don't fit onto the screen. We allow you to capture it all.

  • Redirects And 404s

    Redirects And 404s

    Error conditions are gracefully handled by the Web Shrinker robot, including: page time outs, 404 errors, and page redirections.

  • Customizable Images

    Customizable Images

    Custom branding options include: text and image overlays, 404 images, and more.

Request Thumbnail
  • Select the right code for your web page

    Select the right code for your web page

    You can make a request for the thumbnail of a web page by using a standard HTML <img> tag or choose to use JavaScript. If you choose JavaScript, there are additional ajax features available to you.

  • Add the code to your site

    Add the code to your site

    Add the needed JavaScript to your web page or insert the correct HTML <img> tag where you would like to display the thumbnail of an external website.

  • Instant website thumbnails

    Instant website thumbnails

    Our web shrinking robot will generate a thumbnail of the site you requested and insert it into your web page. If you use the JavaScript method for requesting thumbnails, you can have a nice ajax spinner until the thumbnail is ready to be viewed.