Retrieve website information with our new Domain API

The latest addition to our APIs is the Domain API which provides you with detailed information about the requested domain name, IP address or hostname.

If you want to discover websites on a shared hosting server or get a list of known subdomains, now you can do it with a simple query to our API.

Some possible uses for the API include profiling shared hosting servers to see if there are any “bad actors” sharing the same system or simply performing an IP address lookup to find other, related domains. Each month, we analyze billions of URLs to keep all of our APIs and data as up to date as possible.

As we crawl and analyze sites, we make the backlinks and outbound links we encounter available to you through this API as well. The backlinks are the links we’ve encountered that link to a specific site while outbound links are the links that point to an external site. This is perfect if you are building a custom dashboard¬†for your company or your clients and you need to track these important marketing metrics.

To make it easy for you to start taking advantage of this powerful API, we have detailed documentation which can be found here:

Website Domain API documentation

You can also test this API in your account dashboard via the sandbox:

Web Shrinker Account Dashboard

We also have example code available on GitHub:

Website Domain API examples