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New Website Category API v3 with IAB Categories

New Website Category API v3 with IAB Categories

Updated: Category API v3 is now live and available for use.

We are proud to announce that this new version adds support for the IAB category taxonomy. That means you can now categorize entire URLs, domain names, and IP addresses into one or more of the 390 supported categories. This update will not only provide you with more granularity and better segmentation but you can also check the confidence and score values for each of the returned categories.

This new release brings more details about the categories. For each query, it’s possible to get two tiers of categories:

  • Tier-1, or the parent category
  • Tier-2, or the sub-category

Let’s take a look at a sample JSON result when querying for the domain name “”:

As we can see in the response, the “” domain belongs to the Tier-1 category “IAB19 – Technology & Computing” and its Tier-2 sub-category “IAB19-18 – Internet Technology.”

In addition, you can now see more details like the “confident” and “score” indicators to help you filter out results that don’t meet a certain threshold. The “confident” indicator is a great way to determine the primary categories. If there is a “confident” entry in the response, those categories can than be considered the primary categories for your query. If there are no “confident” entries, then all of the categories returned can be considered the most relevant for your query.

Our entire database is updated and ready with the new categories and you can start using the API right away. Keep in mind that by default the system will return IAB categories when making v3 API calls. If you would rather use our standard website categories, you can enable it by setting the URL parameter “taxonomy=webshrinker” instead.

To see out all the features of the new API, visit the Website Category API page or check out the Website Category API documentation.

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