API PricingFor API access, you may chose from either a monthly plan, with requests renewing each month - or a one-time block purchase of non-expiring request credits. Additionally, you may inquire about our offline category database.

30,000 Requests

Small teams & researchers


Credits Never Expire

500,000 Requests

Startups & mid-sized teams


Most Popular
Credits Never Expire

2,500,000 Requests

High volume users & applications


Credits Never Expire

API Plan FeaturesEvery plan includes access to all available Webshrinker API's

Sandbox Environment

Live sandbox with a powerful query builder that helps you create the perfect API call to fit your needs.

Developer Friendly Responses

Every API response is returned as JSON, which can be easily read and integrated into your project.

Powered by Big Data

Using a combination of advanced machine learning and human training, we categorize billions of web pages, maintaining one of the largest databases in the industry.

Always Up To Date

Our crawlers are constantly analyzing both new and existing websites, providing you with real-time results and keeping the database always up to date.

Not Sure How Much You’ll Need?