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Backlinks API

Backlinks API

Upgrade your SEO efforts, monitor your brand reputation, or analyze and improve your marketing efforts with the Web Shrinker Backlinks API.

Web Shrinker Backlinks API

Now you can easily access data about backlinks and outbound links for any website. If you are building a custom solution to track your marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions, our Backlinks API is a perfect service to fit your needs. Each month we analyze billions of web pages to catalog inbound and outbound links and collect their metadata, including the target ‘rel’ attributes and link text. Now you can easily analyze the structure of your linking portfolio and discover new or even malicious backlinks that could be impacting your SERPs.

Our crawlers work 24/7 to collect data about each web site they visit, analyzing inbound/outbound links and assigning category tags for each page. The collected data is made available through our APIs, making it simple to integrate into a new or existing product. Whether you are an agency developing solutions for your clients or an individual company looking for a way to track and monitor backlinks, you will love our Backlinks API.

Complete profile of backlinks for any website

All you have to do is make an API request containing the website to retrieve backlinks for and our API will instantly return a JSON response with the information requested.

Complete profile of outbound links on your website

Do you want to see where the links on your website lead to? The outbound links provide all of the links originating on the given site and the destinations that they point to.

Start using our data in under 120 seconds

Easy to use JSON responses

In order to make the service as fast as possible and developer friendly, all the responses are delivered as well-structured JSON giving you the ability to test and integrate quickly.

Billions of monthly crawled URLs at your fingertips

Each month we index billions of new URLs and re-check existing ones, keeping the data up-to-date.

More information means better analysis

We maintain metadata attributes for all of the links we’ve seen, including attributes like rel, target, alt, and title. This can bring context to your analytics by finding out, for example, how many nofollow or noindex backlinks you have and how you can improve on that.

Start using our data in under 120 seconds

Do you want to know even more information about domains?

Check out our Domain Information API