website categorization

Website Categorization Explained

Putting it simply, website categorization is the act of placing websites into certain categories. For instance, sites like Twitter and Facebook will be categorized as social media while sites like CNN will be categorized as news. But as simple as this seems, there’s a little more to website categorization than meets the eye. What website...

malicious url example

Malicious URL Example: Types of Malicious Sites We Catch

Not all malicious websites use the same template. While the term “malicious site” might conjure up an image of a dozen pop-up ads, flashing red alerts, or a window saying “AlL FiLeS ArE BeLoNg To Us”. You’re not totally wrong to imagine those things, though you’re missing a lot of malicious URL categories if that’s...

artificial intelligence basics

The Artificial Intelligence Basics

In February on our parent company’s blog, we wrote about artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Today, we’re looking at the artificial intelligence basics. The artificial intelligence basics: What is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence is when a task that is traditionally performed by humans is now performed by a machine. There are a lot of different branches...

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