Chromebook Web Filtering for Schools - Web Shrinker

Chromebook Web Filtering for Schools

Chromebook Web Filtering for Schools

Chromebook filtering made easy

Web Shrinker brings fast and reliable Internet filtering for K-12 networks,
both on and off the premises.


Centralized dashboard

You can manage all of your Chromebook Internet filtering policies in one place using the Web Shrinker dashboard. Easily create policies, customize the block pages, and brand it as you wish.

Real-time filtering

Our system provides URL filtering for existing websites as well as brand new websites by categorizing them in real-time. The categories will be checked against your set Internet policies to determine if it's appropriate to visit or if it should be blocked.

Know what your users are up to

View which users are online and what they are visiting in near real-time via the Web Shrinker dashboard. Other reports like most active users, top allowed and blocked sites, and what users are searching for on search engines are also available via the dashboard.


40 filter categories focused with K-12 organizations in mind
Set a default Internet access policy, a group or OU access policy, and per user policies
Policies stack together and you can override items on a per group or user level
An entirely cloud based solution, there are no server appliances required
Allow or block websites using traditional allow/block lists
Ability to allow sites permanently or for a limited time (15 minutes, an hour, etc.)

Implement Chromebook filtering for your network in 3 easy steps

Contact us to activate your filtering account

Install the app on your Chromebooks via the Google Management Console

Create a default Internet access policy

See how it works

Would you like additional information or schedule a demo of our Chromebook solution?

Benefits of Web Shrinker Chromebook filtering

Always up-to-date

Our web crawlers are constantly visiting and classifying both new and existing websites, providing you with real-time results and keeping the database updated with the latest information.

Block bad content

Chromebook Web filtering uses our large database of categorized URLs which allows you to easily block domains or selected parts of websites, based on your policies.

Easy To Deploy

Our Chromebook filter uses a Chrome extension so there are no proxies or additional SSL certificates required. It's easily distributed via the Google Management Console.