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Content Categorization API for Network Providers

Content Categorization API for Network Providers

Content categorization API for Network providers

Create intelligent user profiles

Analyze your web traffic and create individual user profiles with a high level of detail, leveraging more than 390 content-specific categories. Some of the potential use cases include content recommendation, analyzing user behavior for patterns or prediction, discovering user interests, and content curation.

Secure your network

Network security is important. Leverage our data to identify sites that contain spyware, have malicious intent, or participate in illegal acts such as sharing copyrighted videos. You can easily block access to those websites or notify users that they are accessing a potentially harmful website.

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Advanced machine learning for better precision

We use advanced and highly tuned machine learning algorithms to provide you with the best categories for the content available. Our data is composed from billions of crawled URLs but we can also categorize brand new domains or full URLs in near real-time as well.

Vast amount of data for better content cataloging

Our system actively visits and re-visits websites in order to keep the category data as fresh and up-to-date as possible. These updates are made available to the category API as well as for clients using the self-hosted category database. Stay current on the latest sites and one step ahead of rising threats from spyware, malware, and malicious sites by subscribing to our real-time update feed.

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