FAQ - Web Shrinker




Frequently Asked Questions

How does billing based on usage work?

You add a certain amount of requests to your account based on the billing method you choose and requests are deducted from your account as you use them. There are also automatic recharge options available so you don't run out of requests.

Can I request a custom image size like 175x125 or 800x600?

Yes, instead of using a word for the size (such as small or xlarge) you can pass the width and height as an option.

Can I use my own placeholder images for errors?

Absolutely, you can set custom placeholder images for errors that we encounter while rendering the site like 404 page not found.

What are fresh requests?

A fresh request is when we generate a brand new thumbnail either because it wasn't generated recently or because you had requested a more recent thumbnail image via the API.

How often are thumbnails updated if I don't request a "fresh" one?

Web sites change quickly, any previously requested thumbnail images are stored for 21 days. Any requests after 21 days would make a fresh request for that URL.

Are image impressions unlimited and free?

If you have a paid plan we don't bill for image impressions as long as it isn't being abused. If for some reason there is an issue we will work with you.

Can requests be used for screenshots and categories?

Yes, once you add requests to your account you can use them for any of the API services.