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Website Category API

Website Category API

Website Category API

Easily classify new or existing websites with our Categorization API

Leverage our data for your classification needs

Our website URL categorization API supports the industry standard IAB contextual taxonomy, allowing you to retrieve categories for an entire website, IP address, or a specific URL. You can accurately identify the main topics of content with more than 390 top and sub-level categories which can be used for services such as targeted advertising, content filtering, and security devices. We know that maintaining an extensive database of updated, categorized websites can be a challenge. Let us manage it for you.

IAB category taxonomy support

The IAB contextual taxonomy is maintained by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and is a set of industry standard categories. They include 26 Tier-1 (top-level) and over 300 Tier-2 (sub) categories for use by vendors.

Over 390 individual categories

In addition to supporting the IAB taxonomy, our API enriches it even further with additional categories (Tier-3) for content specific to: Gambling, Weapons, Social Networks, Proxies/VPNs/Web Filter Avoidance, and Streaming Media.

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{ 				  "data": [ 				    { 				      "categories": [ 				        { 				          "id": "IAB19", 				          "label": "Technology & Computing", 				          "parent": "IAB19", 				          "score": "0.917020662806045550", 				          "confident": true 				        }, 				        { 				          "id": "IAB19-18", 				          "label": "Internet Technology", 				          "parent": "IAB19", 				          "score": "0.899269436158669166", 				          "confident": true 				        } 				      ], 				      "url": "" 				    } 				  ] 			}

Vast amount of data

Using a combination of advanced machine learning and human assistance, we categorize billions of web pages, keeping the categorization database one of the most accurate.

Advanced algorithms

Our technology categorizes content found on URLs, as well as entire websites and IP addresses. Perfect for security devices that may not have access to the full URL.

Easily block bad content

You can easily block bad content within your application, appliance or company network. Simply query our API with the requested URL and reject it if the categories are not part of your "approved" list.

Wide range of applications

Using website categorization you can easily provide services like Internet filtering, subscriber analytics, advertising networks, and fraud prevention.

Developer friendly responses

Every API response is returned as JSON which can be easily read and implemented into your product.

We grow with your needs

Running on Amazon Web Services, the Web Shrinker Website Category API is easily scalable to support your growth and requirements.

Many types of distinct categories

We support over 390 individual categories and are constantly adding new ones to the list. If you are looking for a certain category that we don’t currently have, feel free to send us a feature request.

Always up-to-date

Our web crawlers are constantly visiting and classifying both new and existing web sites, providing you with real-time results and keeping the database updated with the latest information.

Data firehose available

Need access to the raw data stream of everything as it's being categorized? We provide a realtime data firehose via HTTP, Amazon S3, or Amazon SQS.

Easy to use

Live sandbox with powerful query builder can help you create a perfect query which fits your needs.

First class support

Your happiness is our success. We’re here to help you with any kind of question and help you with your growing needs.

Start categorizing in under 120 seconds

Easily choose between two top level category structures

Whether you need the deep categorization provided by the IAB taxonomy or prefer a more simple category structure, we've got you covered. You can choose between our implementation of IAB categories (390+ categories) or the Web Shrinker standard categories (42 categories) at any time.


How are you categorizing websites?

We use a combination of advanced machine learning techniques and human reviewers to categorize most of the data. Each month our system visits and re-checks billions of URLs to keep the category data as up-to-date as possible.

Do you have more categories than the IAB standard categories?

Yes, the IAB categories are great if you need to know very specific categories but there are over 390 categories. That may be too many for some applications. We also have a condensed version which uses 42 top level categories for easier integration called the Web Shrinker standard categories.

What does a typical API response look like?

All responses to the API are in JSON format. This is an example response when querying for "":
Category API v3 Example JSON

Can I download and host the category data on my own server?

Yes, we have a self-hosted version of the category data that you can license and host on your own servers. For more information, see our "Offline URL Category Database."

What is the pricing for using the Category API?

You can purchase API request bundles which give you a certain amount of credits and than use those credits when you need them, without any monthly or recurring charges. These request bundles can be used for any of our API services. See "Pricing" for more information.

If you have a predictable amount of requests per month we can also set up a monthly plan if you prefer. Volume discounts are available.

How are queries for the Category API service charged?

Each request for a category lookup is one API request and one API credit would be deducted from your account.

Start categorizing in under 120 seconds