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Website Screenshot API

Website Screenshot API

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Easily add screenshots to your own website, app, or platform

Every internet site is different and so are the reasons for including thumbnails or screenshots of external websites on your page. Regardless of the reason, visitors love eye candy and dynamic websites. Our talented team has developed a user friendly API to help you with the creation of website screenshots.

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Powerful and easy to use Screenshots API service

Our powerful API allows you to create custom solutions that fit your needs. Creating screenshots is easy and can be configured for various screen resolutions and viewport sizes, allowing you to emulate mobile devices, laptops or desktop monitors. Automating these tasks allows you to test websites in matter of seconds and access cached data at anytime. We keep cached screenshots for 30 days and you can access it an unlimited number of times. You can also request new screenshots to be taken when you send your API request.

With our API service, you can:

  • Generate an image of the first page in a PDF document
  • Get full page screenshots using multiple viewport sizes
  • Enrich your website directory with pixel perfect screenshots
  • Create your own website screenshots service
  • Track your competition by creating timed screenshots of their websites and analyze them for redesigns or updates
  • and more

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Automate generating website screenshots

Manually creating website screenshots for your app or website is exhausting and wastes a lot of time which is better spent focusing on your product or service. Especially if you are managing a large database of them or you are enabling users to quickly share links to their community.

Hide Screenshots for Adult Content

We can automatically blur screenshots for sites that are categorized as having adult content. Simply pass in an option with your API call telling us to hide these types of screenshots.

Highly customizable API Calls

Depending of the layout of your content you may need different image sizes of website thumbnails or even different screen viewport sizes. Simply customize the API call to fit your needs and Web Shrinker will instantly generate a pixel perfect screenshot.

Quickly capture full page screenshots

Sometimes you need to take a screenshot that is larger than the viewable area, known as a full page screenshot. A simple query will return the full page screenshot of the web page so you’re ready to share it with your users. It’s also perfect for previewing websites on various screen sizes.

Fast delivery

Once you request a screenshot for a new website, Web Shrinker will surf to the destination site, generate the screenshot, and keep it cached and ready to be delivered to you quickly. If you need a new version of the screenshot, simply request it with a single API call.

Manage PDF documents

The Web Shrinker API even works with PDF files. Just provide the URL to your PDF file and you will get a screenshot preview of the given document. Perfect solution if you have a PDF library published on your website.

Easy to use

Live sandbox with powerful query builder can help you create a perfect query which fits your needs.

White label

Want to put your brand in front of your visitors? You can put a message you like to deliver by customizing the placeholder images right from the account dashboard.

First class support

Your happiness is our success. We’re here to help you with any kind of question and help you with your growing needs.

Start capturing beautiful screenshots in under 120 seconds