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Web Shrinker WordPress Plugin

Quickly enhance your content with website screenshots

Are you looking for one out-of-the-box WordPress plugin that will quickly embed website screenshots? The Web Shrinker WordPress plugin allows you to quickly enrich your content by adding hover screenshots to your links and even embedding images into your content. No coding or any other changes. Simply install the plugin, connect it to our API and that’s it. You will get images without any hassle.

What can you do with this plugin

  • Hover links to get a screenshot
  • Embed screenshots into your content

Customize screenshots

If you need some customization, you can easily change the thumbnail size for the screenshots. Present your visitors with eye-candy screenshots and increase engagement with visual content.

Easily implement to any part of the website

By using CSS selectors that you define in the admin panel, you can easily add the screenshots to the other parts of your WordPress website.

Start using Web Shrinker with three easy steps:


Add your API keys in the plugin settings

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