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Website Category API

Are you searching for an efficient way to categorize websites, URLs, or IP addresses? We index billions of URLs each month and make the data available via our category REST API. All you have to do is to pass the website URL or IP address and you get the JSON response with categories. New URLs can also be classified with the API.

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{   "data": [     {       "categories": [         {           "id": "IAB19",           "label": "Technology & Computing",           "parent": "IAB19",           "score": "0.917020662806045550",           "confident": true         },         {           "id": "IAB19-18",           "label": "Internet Technology",           "parent": "IAB19",           "score": "0.899269436158669166",           "confident": true         }       ],       "url": "webshrinker.com"     }   ] }

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Website Screenshot API

Are you looking for a way to generate website screenshots to use within your own site, app, or platform? Our screenshot API makes it simple. Your result is easily customizable to any image size and optimized for the best ratio of file size and image quality.

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