Screenshots as a Service

Use our API to easily capture rendered images of websites

Our web shrinking robot will surf to the site you want to capture, generate a snapshot, and return an image for you in the size requested.

Website URL Categories as a Service

Use our API to identify which categories a website or URL belongs to

We make web site URL categorization simple with our API and downloadable category list.



Capture full page or viewport renders with custom image sizes. Request fresh, new images with a single API call if you need the latest render.

Live API Sandbox

Request a screenshot, try different image sizes and API options, then get the code you need for your project.

PDF Documents

PDF files are popular on the web. If you give us a URL that's a PDF document you'll get the render of that document just like it was a web page.

URL Categories API (preview)

Billions of sites are categorized and updated on a regular basis. If your URL is not in the list, it will be visited, categorized, and included.

Hostnames / IP Addresses

Lookup a hostname or IP address and get the categories for all the content we've seen hosted there.

Downloadable Category List

Using an embedded device? Don't have an Internet connection? Use the downloadable category list instead of the API for offline lookups.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I request a custom image size like 175x125 or 800x600?

Yes. You can request custom sizes if you are subscribed to a paid plan.

Can I use my own placeholder images for errors?

Absolutely, you can set custom placeholder images for errors that we encounter while rendering the site like 404 page not found. This feature is available for all paid plans and is on the account dashboard.

What are fresh requests?

A fresh request is when we generate a brand new thumbnail either because it wasn't generated recently or because you had requested a more recent thumbnail image via the API.

Are image impressions unlimited and free?

If you have a paid plan we don't bill for image impressions as long as it isn't being abused. If for some reason there is an issue we will work with you.

How often are thumbnails updated if I don't request a "fresh" one?

Web sites change quickly, any previously requested thumbnail images are stored for 21 days. Any requests after 21 days would make a fresh request for that URL.

URL Categories

Are the URL category lookups really free?

Yes, while the feature is in public preview we are allowing everyone to test it. While there is no end date set yet for the preview we wouldn't recommend using it in a critical production app. If you want to use it that way contact us and we can set you up with a different account.

What will the pricing be when the public preview ends?

We want to keep the pricing as simple as possible. The plans that we offer will cover both the use of the thumbnail service and/or URL category lookups. There will be pricing exemptions for non-commercial use and open source projects though. More details on that to come.

Will you offer a downloadable category list?

Yes, when the public preview ends we will be publishing a downloadable version of our URL category list which will be updated regularly. You can use both the list and API as needed.

What if my URL comes back as "Uncategorized"?

If we don't have a category for the URL we'll dispatch one of our web shrinking robots to visit the site and categorize it for you. Once that happens the catgeory will be available in a future API response and included in the downloadable list. You can also try looking up the hostname or a higher path level of the URL to see if we have a category.

Can I access the API public preview?

Sure, the Website Category API will be entering public preview after we fulfill our promises on Kickstarter. If you want earlier access to the API consider pledging to the project.


Do you have a question that we weren't able to answer on our site? Or perhaps you are looking for a different plan than what's listed? No problem! Just fill out and submit the contact form, we'd be happy to chat and work with you.

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