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  • Website Thumbnail Generator API

    Need to include a thumbnail or screenshot of a webpage within the content of your own blog or website? Our web shrinking robot will surf to the site you want to capture, generate a thumbnail, and return an image for you in the size requested.

    • Full page or viewport only screenshots
    • Access to the metadata for the request (404 errors, etc)
    • Custom screenshot sizes from 75×56 up to 1024×768 resolution
    • Screenshots of PDF documents are also supported
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Who are we?

Web Shrinker specializes in providing API and consulting services to the global computing community. We design, build, and work with clients on a variety of projects and programming languages. Our main focus is to build useful, highly available and scalable solutions while giving back to the open source community as much as possible. We primarily focus on these technologies:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) for high traffic web sites, auto scaling, load balancing and high availability
  • Ubuntu Server and Amazon Linux machines
  • Popular frameworks including: WordPress, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and Laravel

Client Testimonials

… an absolutely fantastic contractor – completed work
quickly, and with a high level of quality. An amazing knowledge of linux and unparalleled skills in programming. The true definition of a “whiz”.

Dave P.
Facebook and Online Gaming Applications
[Web Shrinker] provided a seamless and speedy
integration of our geo-location requirements on our ad system. Very highly recommended.

Greg F.
Custom WP Plugin Development