Realtime updates, categorizing billions of sites

Shrink the web, and catch zero-day threats

Advanced machine learning scans the web and flags brand new websites, so you have an up-to-date picture of the entire internet, accessible via easy-to-use API
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power of the webshrinker api

Power of Our API

Our website URL categorization API is one of the most extensive in the industry. We categorize billions of domains by leveraging advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence. Whereas our competitors often take weeks to identify threats or categorize domains, we are able to do so in real-time – ensuring you can trust our data to always be up to date.

This means we discover more threat domains than our competitors—and earlier than them, too—as you can see from the chart below. This shows a sample of new threat domains we identified last month and how our competitors match up.


We offer three pricing tiers for API access depending on request volume

Supported Formats

The domain categorization API supports the industry standard IAB contextual taxonomy, allowing you to retrieve categories for an entire website, IP address, or a specific URL. 
You can accurately identify the main topics of content with more than dozens of top-level categories which can be used for services such as targeted advertising, content filtering, and security devices. In addition to supporting the IAB taxonomy, our API enriches it even further to a total of 390 categories, with detailed categories (Tier-3) for content specific to: Gambling, Weapons, Social Networks, Proxies/VPNs/Web Filter Avoidance, Streaming Media, and more.

webshrinker supported formats

API Highlights

webshrinker advanced algorithms

Advanced Algorithms

Our technology categorizes content found on URLs, as well as entire websites and IP addresses – perfect for security devices that may not have access to the full URL.
webshrinker wide range of applications

Wide Range of Applications

Our domain categorization allows you to easily provide services such as Internet filtering, subscriber analytics, advertising networks, and fraud prevention.
webshrinker infinitely scalable

Infinitely Scalable

Running on Amazon Web Services, our APIs are easily scalable to support any growth or requirements.
webshrinker up to date

Always Up to Date

Our web crawlers are constantly visiting and classifying new and existing websites, providing real-time results and keeping the database always up to date.
webshrinker multi-language support

Multi-Language Support

We use a translation layer on the website content to determine the language prior to our machine analyzing it.
webshrinker big data

Big Data

Using advanced machine learning, we categorize billions of web pages, keeping the categorization database one of the most accurate in the industry.
webshrinker block bad content

Easily Block Bad Content

You can easily block bad content within your application, appliance or company network. Simply query our API with the requested URL and reject if the category is not part of your “approved” list.
webshrinker developer friendly

Developer-Friendly Responses

Every API response is returned as JSON, which can be easily read and implemented into your product.
webshrinker data firehouse

Data Firehose

Need access to the raw data stream of everything as it’s being categorized? We provide a real-time data firehose via HTTP, Amazon S3, or Amazon SQS.
webshrinker stellar support

Stellar Support

Our customer support is staffed by data scientists and engineers who can quickly investigate, triage, and address your needs.

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